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I never saw the sky more blue
Than on this June-time day,
I never saw the grass more green
Along my springtime way.

I never saw such gorgeous clouds
All soft and dreamy white,
Nor have I seen a bright dawn
To add to morning's light.

I never saw a field of corn
So wavy in the breeze,
Nor birds as happy as the ones
That sing in yonder trees.

Somehow the world is all in tune
This day so soft and fair...
I never found a richer gold
Than in the sunshine there.

God surely took the nicest part
Of every summer day,
Then added in a golden dawn,
A breeze at quiet play.

How perfectly He planned it all,
How heavenly supreme...
God sent a georgeous June-time day
So hearts like mine could dream

(Garnett Ann Schultz)

Backgrounds by Sapphire

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